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Reliably perfect cocktails even without a trained bartender

How each of your employees
prepares Cocktails in premium quality
while you increase your beverage profit by up to 50%

Solve your staffing problem with cocktails!

  • Solve your staffing issues by ensuring that every employee "can make cocktails" from now on. Always fresh and of the highest quality. Prepared in just a few seconds. Without any prior training.
  • Cocktails to perfection - no matter who is behind the bar: every single cocktail is mixed exactly according to your recipe. This means that your guests are served a perfect cocktail every time.
  • Make yourself independent of the skills and availability of your staff: our professional cocktail machine can save >1,000 recipes, works 7 days a week, never takes vacation and is never sick.
  • Take advantage of peak times and happy hours by minimizing waiting times for your guests and maximising your FULL sales potential from now on.
  • All Timberjack locations, 44 branches of "Cafe Extrablatt", various 4-star hotels and over 400 other businesses are already benefiting from the Cocktailmaker.
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More than 500 successful hospitality businesses already benefit from the Cocktailmaker!


Timberjacks Siegen
Rollercoaster Restaurant
Pier House
Pier 99
Gecko Bar Hamburg
Pool Hall
Wilma Wunder
Hollywood Megaplex
Filmwelt Lippe
Vegas Bowling Events
Bowl Play
Blu Bowl
Bowling Islands
Restaurant Mühlenstein
New Orleans
Hambacher Schloss
Sporthotel Alpenblick
Piccolis Roadhouse
Jamy's Burgergrill und Bar
Urban Shisha-Bar
5005 Bowling + Bistro
Scala Tuttlingen

Our product-highlights

Mobile counter

Maximum mobility for your events and celebrations.

Built-in machine

Installation variant

The cocktail maker stylishly integrated into your bar.

Installation variant


Your eye-catcher for that special bar atmosphere.

Built-in machine

Mobile counter

Maximum mobility for events and celebrations.

Installation variant

The cocktail maker stylishly integrated into your bar.


Your eye-catcher for that special bar atmosphere.

What our customers say

Success stories

4-star superior hotel “Samerhof”

Christian Wassertheurer

“The cocktail maker is a real problem solver!”

Bowling Islands

Jürgen Waller

“You always have the same quality – regardless of the person who is doing it.”

My Burger Factory

Sebastian Auer

“We will use the cocktail maker in every other concept we have planned.”


Dillinger Restaurant

Farid Noori

“Since I’ve had this cocktail machine, it has tripled my cocktail sales!”


Restaurant Grindelberger

Ivan Stamenkovic

“A fantastic product – you can never do without it (the cocktail machine)!”

Irfan Uğurlu

Cafe Extrablatt

Irfan Uğurlu

“I’m really impressed with the machine. And of course I recommend it to my colleagues.”

Cocktails and much more:
Your beverage all-rounder

With the cocktail maker, you can offer your guests not only a wide range of delicious cocktails, but also a variety of other popular drinks:

  • Cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Long drinks
  • Milkshakes
  • Iced teas
  • House lemonades
  • Wine and wine spritzers
  • Juice spritzers
  • Aperol Spritz, Limoncello Spritz etc.
  • Soft drinks such as Coke, Fanta, Sprite
  • Still water, sparkling water

Why do you miss out on a lot of valuable cocktail sales every day?

Cocktails are more popular than ever. But if you don’t want one-off orders, but instead want to generate a lot of sales with enthusiastic guests, you are now faced with the following unrecognized problem. The problem being:


Fact 1:

Fluctuating quality and waiting times

Your guests will only reorder your cocktails if they are consistently delicious and served quickly.


Fact 2:

Not enough good staff

Depending on how your bar staff are feeling on the day or how hectic things are, the quality of the cocktails will vary and your guests will have to wait too long.

1 / 10

Fact 3:

You can’t know!

Unfortunately, you don’t find out about most issues because 9 out of 10 guests don’t even complain – especially not directly to you. And your staff won’t tell you.



Wondering why you don’t sell more cocktails? It’s simple: if the cocktail doesn’t taste good or takes too long, the guest won’t order more. In the worst case (because cocktails are usually drunk in groups), you could even lose the whole group to your competitors. This is despite the fact that your guests like your location and would like to have more cocktails there.

“After sitting down anonymously at the bar in one of my stores for two hours, I knew that I absolutely needed a cocktail machine!”

Thomas M.,
Owner of a cocktail-bar chain

“What I want to avoid at all costs these days are those negative reviews online about service or taste. They are deadly.”

Sercan Y.,
Restaurant owner


WIth cocktails

you only generate real turnover,

if …

“…your guests are delighted with your consistently delicious cocktails…”

“…your guests know that they will always be served immediately…”

“…word of the quality and speed of your service gets around among your guests…”

Why are the cocktail results

of our customers so great?

Turnover & profit


WITHOUT the Cocktailmaker
You struggle with fluctuating cocktail quality and long waiting times. Losses at the bar and unused peak times reduce your profit.


WITH the Cocktailmaker

  • Always perfect cocktail quality, exactly to recipe
  • 30-50% more beverage sales thanks to increased quality and fast service (and therefore more repeat orders)
  • There are no more dispensing losses

Guests & staff


WITHOUT the Cocktailmaker
You can’t find enough good staff, and your staff are often overwhelmed. As a result, the quality of the cocktails suffers and your guests have to wait for too long. Repeat orders are therefore too rare.



WITH the Cocktailmaker

  • You are independent of bar personnel
  • Every one of your employees can be up and running in just 10 minutes of training time to prepare perfect cocktails
  • Your guests are delighted with your cocktails and fast service
  • You get significantly more repeat orders

Our promise


Delivery time: 2-4 weeks
You will receive your customized Cocktailmaker in just 2-4 weeks. Even faster on request.


Everything from a single source
From advice and finance, to production, commissioning and staff training, to service and marketing support, we are your one-stop shop.


German Quality
Every cocktail maker is assembled and tested in our production facility in Verl and installed on site by our experts.


You can choose freely between the following options: Purchase, leasing (installment plan), renting


You can reach us around the clock
Our service hotline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if you have any questions or if you need assistance.

... and all that for the ridiculously low price of just two cocktails sold per day!<br />

Don’t believe us?

Then book your consultation now:

Your path to success in just 4 steps:

Schritt 1

Free Consultation

Secure your appointment now for a non-binding initial consultation including a potential analysis with an expert from our team.

Schritt 2

Potential Analysis

We will answer your questions in a phone call (approx. 15 minutes) and carry out a Potential Analysis with you. You will find out how you too can increase your profits with the help of the Cocktailmaker.

Schritt 3

Custom Solution

Your Cocktailmaker is customised exactly to your needs: Your desired cocktails, number of ingredients and which features you need. We take measurements of your bar situation (via video call or on site) and produce your customised Cocktailmaker.

Schritt 4

Installation, Training & Service

You will receive your Cocktailmaker in just 2-4 weeks. We will do your on-site installation and staff training so you can increase your beverage sales immediately.

Our expert service ensures that your Cocktailmaker is always ready for use.

The Cocktailmaker

This is the home of “The Cocktailmaker”.

5005 Bowling

Bowling center in Olching

Blu Bowl

Blu Bowl – Bowling, billiards and darts in Plochingen

Bowl Play

Bowl Play – Bowling center in Leipzig

Bowling Islands

Bowling Islands – Bowling center in Andechs

Dillinger Chicago

Dillinger Chicago – Bar and Grill in Munich

Filmwelt Lippe

Filmwelt Lippe – Cinema in Lage

Gecko Bar

Gecko-Bar – Bar in Hamburg

GOP Variety Theater

GOP Varieté-Theater – Theater, Events in Münster

Jamy's Burger

Jamy’s Burger – burger grill, bar in Frankfurt am Main

Jamy's Burger

Jamy’s Burger – burger grill, bar in Frankfurt am Main

Jamy's Burger

Jamy’s Burger – burger grill, bar in Mainz

Jamy's Burger

Jamy’s Burger – burger grill, bar in Darmstadt

Jamy's Burger

Jamy’s Burger – burger grill, bar in Mannheim


Kinopolis – Cinema in Leverkusen

Hollywood Megaplex PlusCity

Hollywood Megaplex PlusCity – Cinema in Pasching (Austria)

New Orleans

New Orleans – Restaurant in Bielefeld

Piccoli's Roadhouse

Piccoli’s Roadhouse – Restaurant in Hanover


Pier99 – Café, bar and restaurant in Nordhorn

Pier House

Pier House – Restaurant and bar in Münster

Pool Hall

Pool Hall – Billiard center in Münster

Restaurant Mühlenstein

Restaurant Mühlenstein – Restaurant in Wedel

Rollercoaster Restaurant

Rollercoaster Restaurant – Restaurant and manufacturer in Nuremberg


Samerhof – 4* star hotel in Nassfeld-Presseggersee (Austria)


Scala – Cinema in Tuttlingen

Alpenblick sports and family resort

Sport- und Familienresort Alpenblick – Hotel in Zell am See (Austria)


Timberjacks Kassel – Restaurant in Kassel


Timberjacks Göttingen – Restaurant in Göttingen


Timberjacks Siegen – Restaurant in Siegen


Timberjacks Köln West – Restaurant in Cologne

Urban Lounge + Bar

Urban Lounge + Bar – Shisha bar in Ansbach

Vegas Bowling & Escape

Vegas Bowling & Escape – Bowling center and escape rooms in Lübeck

What drives us? Your success!

As the leading experts for cocktail machines based in Verl, East Westphalia, we have been on the market since 2005.


But we rarely look back:

Every day, we develop new ideas and solutions to make our customers’ business easier and drive it forward.


Your success in gastronomy is what drives us.

So that you can spend more time on your business, your guests and the finer things in life.

Your Bernd Garnschröder & the Cocktailmaker-Team!
Does this thought also concern you?

“I’d like to have staff who are really up for the job!”

Then book your non-binding initial consultation now.

Because with our Cocktailmaker, you get a first-class helper who is always there for you, working around the clock. Lightning fast, reliable and of outstanding quality.

And all of this for the ridiculously low price of just two cocktails sold per day!