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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find our FAQ with answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Will this also work in my business?

The cocktail maker can be used wherever you want to offer your guests cocktails:


Bars, bowling centers, burger restaurants, cafes, catering providers, cocktail bars, discotheques, event halls, event organizers, festivals, food trucks, leisure facilities, golf clubs, weddings, hotels, cinemas, funfairs, concerts, trade fairs, restaurants, shisha bars, ski lodges, sports bars, beach bars, theaters, amusement parks, folk festivals, stadiums, etc.

Our experience shows that the size of the business is not relevant to the success of the Cocktailmaker. From a small pub in a village to a large amusement park in a big city, all hospitality businesses can benefit from the advantages of the Cocktailmaker.

"Cocktails don't work for us!"

The main reason why cocktails are the sales driver in some establishments and not in others is: The quality of the cocktails is too poor or varies too much. The guests are unhappy with the cocktails and word gets around.


Because one thing is certain: Your guests have the same taste buds as the guests in the other bars, cafés and restaurants that make really high sales with cocktails! And by the way – this has nothing to do with the age or gender of the guests.

Why should I offer cocktails at all?

Cocktails not only offer you extremely attractive profit margins. A venue with good cocktails stands out from the crowd and attracts new guests.

Who hasn’t heard the phrase: “Hey, let’s go to XY – they have the best cocktails!”?

Our experience also shows that cocktails are particularly popular with female guests. And having more female guests in the store automatically means more male guests. All of this drives up your sales and profits.

What do my guests think when the cocktails come out of the machine?

Most of our customers ask themselves this question before making a purchase. However, we can reassure you here: The guests are delighted with the quality of the cocktails. The cocktail maker also arouses guests’ curiosity – they usually want to try it out and drink cocktails prepared by it.

Doesn't the interpersonal aspect get lost?

No, on the contrary. The fast preparation time means that your staff are no longer under so much time pressure and now have more time to look after your guests.

Can my bar staff continue to put on a "show" for the guests?

In any case! Your bar staff will continue to work with the cocktail shaker and can offer your guests show effects as usual.

How many ingredients can I connect to the cocktail maker?

You can connect up to 64 different ingredients to your cocktail maker: spirits, juices, syrups, soft drinks, water, etc.

How many cocktails can I make per hour with the cocktail maker?

With up to 400 cocktails per hour, you can easily meet the demand for cocktails even at peak times and thus multiply your profits.

How many different cocktails can I make with the cocktail maker?

You can save 1,000+ different recipes in your cocktail maker and have the corresponding cocktails prepared at the touch of a button.

Are the cocktail recipes fixed or can I customize them?

Of course, you can adapt the recipes and add new ones at any time. When your cocktail maker is delivered, you already have up to 30 of the most popular cocktail recipes saved on your cocktail maker and can change, expand, add to or even delete these and any of your own recipes as you wish.

Can I adapt the cocktail recipe at the request of an individual guest - e.g. add more alcohol or syrup?

Yes, that is a special feature of the cocktail maker! At the request of your guests, you can easily and individually adjust both the ingredients and the quantities of ingredients in the cocktail at the touch of a button.

Can I also work with premixes in the cocktail maker?

Basically yes. But why work with premixes when you can use 64 different fresh ingredients to offer your guests the perfect cocktail?

I imagine it's complicated - is that right?

Fill the container, prepare cocktails at the touch of a button and run the integrated cleaning program regularly. That’s it. It couldn’t be simpler.

Is an induction period necessary for my employees?

No. The various cocktails are displayed on the screen. Operation is intuitive.

Your staff can start using the cocktail maker straight away and serve your guests.

How does the cocktail maker work?

The cocktail maker is operated via a very user-friendly and robust touch screen that is integrated into the dispenser.

How are the ingredients stored and how do I ensure that the ingredient containers do not run empty?

The ingredients can be stored in 5 liter containers, 10 liter containers, bag-in-boxes or bottles. The cocktail maker’s empty detection warns you in good time to prevent the respective containers from running empty.

How do I clean the cocktail maker?

The cocktail maker’s integrated cleaning program ensures perfect hygiene at all times.

Does the cocktail maker have a shaker shower for cleaning the cocktail shaker?

Yes. You can clean the cocktail shaker directly on your cocktail maker with the shaker shower. Simply press the shaker upside down onto the pressure plate so that the water nozzle cleans the inside of the shaker. The water drains away through the integrated drip tray.

Can I also connect the Cocktailmaker to my POS system?

Yes, you can connect your cocktail maker to your cash register system so that only boned cocktails are dispensed on the cocktail maker.

How much space does the cocktail maker need?

The cocktail maker is very compact. The dimensions depend on a number of factors. So far, the cocktail maker has fitted into every one of our customers’ bars.

Is the cocktail maker only suitable for indoor or outdoor use?

Both! The cocktail maker is an integral part of many beach bars.

We also offer a mobile version (with optional cooling), which you can use to serve cocktails at festivals, concerts, fairs or events such as Kieler Woche.

Is a cocktail maker worthwhile for me?

Cocktails offer extremely attractive profit margins: you can expect to pay between EUR 1.00 and EUR 1.50 per cocktail. The difference between your cocktail price and the cost is pure profit for you.

For example: At a price of EUR 9.90 you make a profit of over EUR 8 per cocktail!


And the best thing is that cocktails are almost always drunk in groups – if one person in the group starts drinking them, the others follow suit!

How long will it take for my cocktail maker to pay for itself?

In combination with our purchase and rental options, you can make huge profits with your cocktail maker from the very first month! Depending on the option, the cocktail maker can pay off for you from as few as 10 cocktails per WEEK.

Can I hire the cocktail maker?

Yes, the cocktail maker is available for hire. You can find out more in a personal meeting with us.

What payment options are available?

We offer various concepts – from buying to renting to leasing. We will be happy to clarify all the details in a personal meeting.

What is the warranty period? How long "does" the cocktail maker last?

The warranty period for your cocktail maker is 2 years.


Many of our machines have been in reliable use for over 10 years. The cocktail maker’s stainless steel construction and top-quality components ensure a very long service life.

What if I have questions or need support?

Our service hotline is available for you around the clock, 365 days a year.


Should something unexpected happen, you can always reach us and get support, especially at critical times when sales are high, such as New Year’s Eve. We can solve many problems remotely via WLAN directly on your cocktail maker. If necessary, one of our competent technicians will visit you on site as soon as possible.